Welcome to Kynon Engineering

Who we are

Kynon Engineering is a small independent Process Engineering company, providing its clients with specialist process engineering knowledge & advice on projects of all sizes. With experience across several sectors of the oil & gas industry, Kynon Engineering can advise on design, safety, operational and commissioning matters. We are committed to providing clear, professional advice, in order to give the maximum benefit to all projects on which we are engaged.

By operating independently, Kynon Engineering is able to be flexible in meeting the client’s needs – either by working from our own premises, or by integrating our personnel into the client’s organisations.

Our personnel have experience of working in different locations, both within the UK and abroad, where they have been key contributors to successful execution of a number of projects.

If you would like to know more, or feel that Kynon Engineering can assist you with your current or future projects, please contact us.